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Easy Hanging 📏

Here’s how to hang your suncatcher with ease and care:

1. Wall Hanging Pin Method: Secure your suncatcher to the drywall above your window using a wall hanging pin. This method ensures minimal damage and is easy to install manually.

2. Minimal Marks, Easy Installation: Enjoy peace of mind with minimal wall marks and effortless installation by hand. Our wall hanging pins are designed for convenience and reliability.

3. Improving Methods for Wooden Frames and Tiles: We’re continually developing better hanging solutions for wooden window frames and tiles. Stay tuned for updates as we strive to enhance your hanging experience.

4. Temporary Hanging Solution: For a temporary test or if you prefer flexibility, loop a piece of stick tape over the split ring of your suncatcher. This method is ideal for tiles and wooden surfaces. Avoid using stick tape on drywall, as it may damage the paint.

Explore these tips to hang your suncatcher securely and beautifully in your chosen space. Enjoy the enchanting play of light and color that suncatchers bring to your home!

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