Getting the most out of your Suncatcher

Hi there Sunstrucker,

glad to have you drop by, we are sure you are bussing with so much excitement, i mean who wouldnt?, so we made this super simple guide to answer all your most important questions on getting the best out of your new suncatcher, so hop on and let the journey begin


Finding the Perfect Spot

Experiment with different locations in your home to find the optimal spot for light refraction.  A sunny south-facing window is ideal.

Create a Rainbow Symphony

Hang multiple suncatchers of different sizes and crystal types for a dazzling display of rainbows dancing across your walls.

Set the Mood

Combine your suncatcher with other light sources like candles or fairy lights for a truly magical ambiance.

Embrace the Crystal Energy

While we focus on the aesthetic beauty of crystals, many believe they have healing properties. Research the specific crystal in your suncatcher and set intentions for its positive influence.

How do i get the best light refraction?

To get the brightest rainbows, hang your suncatcher in a window that gets lots of direct sunlight.
The more sunshine, the stronger the rainbow colors!

How do i care for my Suncathchers?

Keeping it Clean

Suncatchers are pretty easy to take care of. Just dust them lightly with a soft cloth whenever they get dusty. Stay away from strong cleaners and anything scratchy.

What if my suncatcher gets wet?

Just dab them dry with a clean cloth and you're good to go.

Can I hang my suncatcher outdoors?

for outdoor fun, some of our suncatchers are built to hang outside. These will be clearly marked on the website or box. Indoor suncatchers aren't big fans of tough weather, so it's best to keep them inside.

More Than Just Windows

Suncatchers can be hung anywhere that catches sunlight, like porches, patios, or even your car for a touch of joy on the go!
Let your suncatcher inspire you! Use it as a focal point for meditation, relaxation, or simply appreciating the beauty of light and color.
We hope these tips help you unlock the full potential of your suncatcher!
Sunstruck Team