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3-in-1 Mayla Bundle

3-in-1 Mayla Bundle

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 Illuminate Your Space: Mayla Suncatcher Bundle

Transform your living space with our enchanting Mayla Suncatcher Bundle, showcasing the timeless beauty of Clear Quartz, the soothing serenity of Amethyst, and the nurturing warmth of Rose Quartz.

  • Clear Quartz: Infuse your surroundings with clarity and positive energy, perfect for goal-setting and manifestation.
  • Amethyst: Create a tranquil atmosphere that promotes relaxation and spiritual awareness, ideal for reducing stress and enhancing mindfulness.
  • Rose Quartz: Foster love, harmony, and emotional healing, encouraging self-love and compassion.

Hang these radiant suncatchers near your window to capture sunlight, filling your room with a mesmerizing dance of colors and light. Whether for your own sanctuary or a thoughtful gift, the Mayla Suncatcher Bundle brings beauty, positivity, and spiritual harmony to every corner of your home.

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Each uncatcher at SUNSARA hangs from a 30cm chain with a split ring that can be hung from any overhanging windowsill.


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